Crestwood Cloud
Ben Borger

Are You Sure that You’re Really in the Cloud? A Gray Market Cloud Horror Story

You are a savvy business owner; your business processes and ERP are backed up in the cloud. You’ve seen the statistics, heard the horror stories, and you’ve made the necessary steps to feel secure. But what does “in the cloud” really mean? How secure is your data really? Gray Market Cloud Spells Doom for One … Read more

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Joe Jacob

How to Fix Dynamics SL Credit Manager’s Assistant Screen Bug (SQL Server Message 517)

What happened? Remember Y2K?  Well this isn’t nearly as bad, but a new Microsoft Dynamics SL bug surfaced recently (on June 6th, 2019) for many users.  You could be receiving a “SQL Server Message 517” when running the Credit Manager’s Assistant screen without specifying a date range. The reason for this has to do with … Read more

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Dynamics SL Challenges
Gary Korby

5 Microsoft Dynamics SL Challenges (and How to Address Them)

Microsoft Dynamics SL has long been the go-to for project-based businesses in need of a focused solution that delivers financial management, project management and accounting, distribution, field service, payroll, e-business, and more. However, while it does do many things well, there are certain areas where it could be improved, better customized, or better supported. 1. … Read more

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Microsoft Dynamics Changes
Mary Lenehan

New Tech Support Portal: Big Change Coming for Microsoft Dynamics Users

Life would be so boring without change, don’t you think? We know that Microsoft agrees with that! One big change is coming that we wanted to make you aware of: the new, modern portal for submitting support requests for all Dynamics products (like Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics 365 Business Central). Microsoft is working … Read more

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Management Reporter Refresher
Mike Gordon

A Management Reporter (MR) Refresher: Advanced MR Tips with downloadable guides!

Attention Dynamics SL Users: You’ll notice a lot of “Dynamics GP” language used below – that’s only because we used Dynamics GP for our presentation. Management Reporter works exactly the same in Dynamics SL!   Maybe you have heard that Microsoft will no longer be releasing updates to Management Reporter. This does not mean, however, … Read more

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CustomerSource BlendedLearning
Nancy Moss

Microsoft CustomerSource – The One-Stop Support Shop for Dynamics Customers

Microsoft’s CustomerSource is a valuable resource available to all Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, Dynamics 365, etc.) customers who are currently on a support plan. CustomerSource is divided into several sections, such as KnowledgeBase, Online Learning, and Account Management. Each section has its own set of resources and functions.  Here’s a quick guide … Read more

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New Features on Collections Management for Dynamics SL
Christine Jacob

Three New Features Coming Soon to the Collections Management Crestwood Add-on Module for Dynamics SL 2018

We are excited to give you a preview of some of the new features in Crestwood AR Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018.  In addition, this functionality will be available as a Feature Pack for SL 2015 Users! Attach Statements to Emails – When you are mass producing Dunning Letter emails you will now have … Read more

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Esignature feature in Acumatica
Jen Jerzak

How To Automate Your Transaction Import in Dynamics SL

Do you have daily imports for Microsoft Dynamics SL that you wish you could automate? Maybe you’ve inquired about automating them, and were told “if you had the Application Server, you could automate it then.” Well, good news: you don’t need the Application Server module. You can create a simple process for automating an import … Read more

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Tiffany Bennett

Missing AR Documents in the Dynamics SL AR Payment Application Window

Recently, we received a call from a client explaining how they were missing AR documents in the Detail area of the AR Payment Application screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL.  However, the missing documents did show up on the Aging Report and also showed as “open” in the Customer Maintenance Activity.  What’s going on? Where are … Read more

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Dynamics SL News
Jen Jerzak

February 2018 Dynamics SL News

Dynamics SL 2015 Year-end Updates This has been out for a couple months, but we didn’t want you to miss the important updates. The 2017 Year End Updates includes changes for 1099 and W-2 reporting to comply with 2017 tax year regulations. Included with the update files is a technical document. TY2017YrEndUpd.pdf “Microsoft Dynamics SL … Read more

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Dynamics SL Training
Jen Jerzak

Video Training Series Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Presented by Jeff Suwyn, Microsoft Dynamics SL Marketing Manager Log into Microsoft CustomerSource for more information, details, and full access.   Introduction to Dynamics SL 2015 This video is a high-level overview of what Dynamics SL 2015 has to offer.  It includes basics concepts used in the application. Part 1 Part 2 Financials in Dynamics … Read more

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Kami Armes

How Does a Dynamics SL Upgrade Really Work?

Dynamics SL Upgrade Methodology Is it time for an upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics SL?  If so, Crestwood Associates is poised to help you through this complex process. We bring resources to the table with years of expertise to make the experience as stress free as possible for our customers. Here’s what we … Read more

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